10 step guide to LIVEdition publications

Here you can read a quick 10 step guide to using LIVEdition. 

Login to LIVEdition

1.                   Go to: http://admin.livedition.dk
2.                   Enter your username and password


Create a template

Before publications can be uploaded a template must be created. The template defines is the area surrounding the publication.

3.                   Select the tab ”Templates” and choose ”New template"
4.                   Name your template and select "Save"


Create a publication (LIVEdition catalogue)

5.                   Select the tab ”Catalogue” and choose ”New catalogue"
6.                   Name your publication.
7.                   Choose template, language, and optionally a folder
8.                   Turn on "Auto Links" if you wish to automatically create hotspots
9.                   In the input fields at the bottom, choose how you wish to upload the publication
10.                 Select ”Create”


To view your new LIVEdition publication, select the tab "Catalogue" and choose "Overview". Click the icon "Show" next to the publication you wish to view.


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